Restoration Agriculture Capacity Building 

Valley Foundation helps individuals and organizations to learn and implement restoration agriculture on their land and in their communities. We do this by hosting seminars, conducting site visits, and providing small seed grants for implementation. To do this work, Valley Foundation works with a handful of consultants with experience in permaculture, regenerative agriculture, restoration agriculture, environmental science, organizational capacity building, and community building. 


Capacity Building Programs and Projects

  • Earth Allies Restoration Network (EARN) – A joint initiative with Mainsprings to support the spread of restoration agriculture throughout the world.
  • Mainsprings – Valley Foundation has worked with Mainsprings since 2011 to transform their campuses to flourishing food forests. Mainsprings has been so successful in their restoration agriculture work, that they are now committed to teaching others by hosting PDC courses on their campuses. 
  • Jane Goodall Institute – Valley Foundation has hosted trainings and helped install demonstration plots in Hoima, Uganda. We are now working with JGI to purchase land and establish a permaculture learning center that focuses on using restoration agriculture and agroforestry to create habitat for chimpanzees, food for people, and reduce human/animal conflict.
  • Moises Bertoni Foundation – Valley Foundation has worked with MBF to establish a permaculture farm and learning center at the edge of the Mbaracayu National Forest Reserve. 
  • City of Dallas – Valley Foundation worked with the City of Dallas to launch a food forest program.
  • Past Projects – Valley Foundation has also done many one-time trainings, site visits, and installs over the years. This includes JustHope in Nicaragua, a small farm in Vietnam, SOUL Uganda in rural Uganda, and several others. 

Restoration Agriculture Installation 

Valley Foundation works with organizations and individuals to install permaculture plots on their land.


Installation Projects

  • Tisdale Food Forest – A small edible food forest along the Tisdale Expressway that provides food and educational opportunities for the adjacent low-income urban neighborhood.
  • Meadows Food Forest Project – Joint project with Tulsa Housing Authority in Section 8 Housing Project. Provides both annual and perennial food production and provides outdoor educational opportunities.
  • Tulsa Area Schools – Valley Foundation has also worked with schools in Tulsa to install permaculture plots on their campuses. 

Valley Park Agroecology Center 

Valley Foundation operates an agroecology center, designed to be an experimental farm for restoration agriculture methods, a learning center, and a place where people can come to experience nature.


VPAC Projects

  • Permaculture plots with berms/swales, polyculture rows, and alley crops. Used to produce food for people and animals and to experiment with different species.
  • Raising cattle, pigs, and chickens. Animals are rotated throughout fields. Cattle are grazed using a mob-grazing management plan.
  • Managing the local deer population to provide people, families, and youth opportunities to hunt and harvest their own meat.

Improving Conservation Value 

Valley Foundation works with landowners to help them improve the conservation value of their land. This can include helping to install restoration agriculture and agroforestry systems, wildlife monitoring systems, repopulating endangered species, protecting or improving habitat for endangered species, and implementing other restoration methods to help restore ecological balance to the land. This is a new and developing area for Valley Foundation. 


Wildlife Monitoring and Habitat Protection Projects

Valley Park Agroecology Center – Valley Foundation is helping the VPAC to set up MOTUS towers and Ultrasonic listeners on the property. So far, we have discovered endangered bats species and endangered mussel species on the property. We are working with Neosho Fish and Wildlife to grow mussels to repopulate the Boggy Creek, which runs through the property.